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The world has so many attractions to see. Rather than limiting yourself to only the popular attractions, expand your adventures to lesser-known destinations around the world. The following destinations are just a few to add to your traveling bucket list.


5 hours south of Lima Peru, you will find an oasis in the midst of a desert. The watering hole was once used by the upper class as a way to escape from nearby Ica. Today it is is a popular stop for backpackers that are looking for a little thrill. Visitors enjoy sandboarding across the dunes or taking a tour on a dune buggy.

Blagaj Tekke 

At the base of a cliff, outside of Mostar, Bosnia is Blagaj Tekke, a Dervish monastery. The monastery is almost 600 years old and sits adjacent to the Buna river. Even with its modern repairs the monastery still looks much like it did during the Ottoman Empire. Many visitors enjoy taking a tour inside to soak up the history or capture a few snapshots of the amazing views.

Lake Hillier 

Australia is known for many natural attractions, but one of the most eye-catching is its pink lake, Lake Hillier. The bubblegum pink lake is located offshore of Recherche Archipelago. One of the best ways to view this amazing feature is from the air. While visiting the pink lake, don’t pass up on snorkeling or diving in the Recherche Archipelago.

Popeye Village Malta 

Popeye Village Malta is the perfect attraction for those young at heart. The town was first created as the film set for the 1980 film “Popeye”. The fun and colorful atmosphere is perfect for a trip with the family. There are a number of attractions ranging from boat rides to a winery to water trampolines.

The Island of Flores 

The Island of Flores gets its name from the bountiful flowers that engulf the landscape. This island is located in the westernmost point of the Azores Archipelago off the coast of Portugal. The hydrangea, with its blue or pink petals, is the most abundant wildflower turns hillsides a brilliant color. The island is also home to many natural hot springs that tourists often take a dip in.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

During the rainy season, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil is a sight to see. Due to the 47 inches of rain that occurs every year, thousands of clear pools form in the dunes of the National Park. The best time to visit the pools is between July and September when the pools are the most full.