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Vincent Granville

Pioneering Data Scientist

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With three patents, published works, fluency in both English and French, and endless statistical experience, Vincent Granville is an unparalleled expert in data analysis. Currently based in Seattle, Granville has studied in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and worked in San Francisco and New York City, constantly absorbing new concepts and rethinking traditional methods of analysis. Granville specializes in creatively reconstructing data recognition mechanisms for efficiency, and is especially driven by the unparalleled progress of his own consulting companies.

In 1993, Vincent Granville graduated with his PhD in Mathematics and Statistics from Namur University in Belgium. He continued his studies in data recognition at Cambridge University where he completed his Postdoctoral studies in Statistics in 1996. With a strong educational backing and varying opinions on statistical analysis, Granville made no hesitation in creating his own highly productive mechanisms, the most successful being “hidden decision trees” to prevent fraud, and Jackknife Regression for automated data processing.

Immediately following his graduation from Cambridge, Vincent Granville began work at the top as the Senior Statistician at CNET. The trajectory of Granville’s employment in the data analysis field skyrocketed within the next ten years: He continued on to Visa, Wells Fargo, and finally worked as the Click Fraud Expert at InfoSpace.

Whilst moving up in the field’s ranks and taking on challenging team and independently driven responsibilities, Vincent Granville wrote an abundance of published articles on mathematical concepts for Data Science Central, AnalyticBridge, Big Data News, and Wiley. He also regularly writes blogs on his personal website dealing with new statistical analysis concepts and the rethinking of traditionally held concepts on data recognition. He has previously written articles on Stochastic Processes, the randomness of Pi digits, and computing techniques.

In 1999, Vincent Granville founded his first consulting firm Data Shaping Solutions LLC which sevres high-profile clients such as Visa and eBay in effective media production, monetization of digital material, and data analysis strategies. Growing quickly in efficiency and stellar reputation, the company now works as a think-tank for media, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Granville also founded Authenticlick in 2006 and served as the Chief Scientist. He continued on to work in the same position and adapt to a new business environment at LookSmart, where he handled pattern recognition and advertising optimization. In 2012, Vincent Granville co-founded Data Science Central, which continues to thrive at an unparalleled rate. It serves as a consulting company, specializing in digital publishing and business data analysis.

Vincent Granville is an innovator and skilled business-owner in the data analysis field and is devoted to creativity, efficiency, and the constant rethinking of concepts.

Keep up with Vincent Granville on LinkedIn and understand new concepts on his mathematical blog.